The need for Service Dogs has increased dramatically over the last few years. These service animals provide people with an increased quality of life through their assistance for your assistance in day-to-day activities. By properly identifying your service dog, you will be assured that your canine helper can accompany you whenever and wherever you may wish to go.

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Thank you for your assistance with certification of VJARRA. Here in California, the recognition of a Service Dog is greatly enhanced by the visual presence of a SERVICE DOG emblem/patch over and above the dog tag. Very few individuals would approach a full grown German Shepherd to "inspect" the collar ID. And, with the Service Dog patch, the ID is readily available from a distance. This visibility usually eliminates the majority of "challenges" that might otherwise be presented. I encourage any Service Dog owner to utilize any and all "visual aids" that are available. Service Dog Vest

- G.H. Thomas & VJARRA

What a great online Service Dog Certification site! I was more than satisfied with the care I received from Service Dog Certification Of America! I love my dog, and having the ability to take her with me everywhere I need to go is liberating and provides a great deal of comfort and the support I require from her.Service dog certification, Service dog certification of america service dog certification of america testimonials

- Katherine Gallegos

I didn't realize that online Service Dog Certification was available and so easy. I love the product selection, that I had the ability to choose the color and material for the vest- it's hot here, so the mesh was perfect. Thank you

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-Julia Johnson

I found this website easy to navigate, I love the layout- and the dog! I was very impressed that I could call at anytime and speak directly with a person. In this day and age where everything is automated- I found it comforting to have my questions answered without any hassle. Online Service Dog Certification Rocks! Thanks for everything!

-Jessicca Guenette

I searched a lot of websites before finding Service Dog Certification Of America. I found the information on this online Service Dog Certification site very informative, and the links to their resources to be helpful in answering a lot of my questions. The process was simple and the customer service was great. 

Thank you

- Heather and Shiloh Wagoner

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